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          安徽亚格盛电子新材料有限公司位于中国最大的MOCVD产业基地——安徽省芜湖市,致力于电子行业高纯化学原材料的研发与生产。公司由一支专业、高效的团队组成,核心成员均为行业资深专家,承担过国家863计划相关课题。公司的主打产品——高纯金属有机源(MO源)是MOCVD外延制造的关键原料。我们使用EP级别的316L不锈钢设备进行生产,并采用国际最先进的检测设备进行纯度分析,所生产的超高纯度MO源可以为客户生产大功率高亮度发光二极管(LED)提供有力保障。 安徽亚格盛电子新材料有限公司以“至精至纯,超越极限”为企业理念,用精益求精,不断进取的态度,为客户提供专业和高水平的产品与服务。   The Brief Introduction of Anhui Argosun New Electronics Materials Co.,Ltd. Anhui Argosun New Electronic Materials Co.,Ltd is located at Wuhu City of Anhui Province, where is the largest manufacturing base of LED Epi Wafers & Chips in China. It is devoting itself to the R&D and manufacturing of Ultra High Purity Chemicals for the electronics industry, with the highly professional and efficient team consisted by the Senior Experts in the industry who had undertaken the relative 863 Projects of the State. Its main product, the Ultra High Purity Metal Organic (Mo) Source, is the key materials for the LED Epi Wafer manufacturing, therefore the stainless 316L of EP class is used for whole production facilities, and the most advanced testing equipment is used for the purity analysis, to safeguard the product quality for best support the LED Epi Wafter productions by the customers. With the Enterprise Idea of “Manufacturing in the Best Quality and Ultra Purity to surpass the limit”, and at the attitude of Striving for perfection and Keeping forging ahead, Argosun is willing to provide the best product and professional service to the customers. 联系方式 公司名称:安徽亚格盛电子新材料有限公司 公司地址:安徽芜湖经济技术开发区赤铸山路26号
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